The ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT)

Trailblazing emission-free transportation of goods within cities.

Carefully crafted, inside and out.

A whole new category of vehicle featuring distinctive styling and weather protection for the driver. Raising the bar in sustainable drive technology… it’s practical, efficient, meticulously engineered and steps ahead of conventional delivery methods. ONO… the modern-day urban transporter.

The Cabin: Indispensable protection for peace of mind.

The driver cabin’s unique design provides reliable protection against wind, precipitation and everyday road hazards.

The Chassis: One structure, multiple applications.

Top-grade materials and components, precision assembly and built on high automotive industry standards – Solid engineering for maximum durability and reliability.

Powertrain & Battery: Helping the driver and the environment.

The 250 Watt (1000 Watt boost) electric motor assists the driver, the ONO and its cargo to cruise comfortably at 25 km/h. The 1400 Wh batteries offer 80 km (2x40) in range and can be exchanged within seconds for a fully charged one.

Cargo Unit: Swap and go!

With a volume-load capacity of 2m³ (2000 litres), the cargo unit holds plenty. Exchangeable cargo units for multiple applications can be easily swapped via the integrated loading ramp.

ONO Factsheet

  • Electric motor: 250 Watt (1000 W boost) reaching speeds of 25 km/h in Europe
  • Range: 80 km extended range with second swappable 1400 Wh battery
  • Cargo volume: 2 m³ volume-load capacity
  • Cargo unit dimensions: Height 170 cm, Width 170 cm, Depth 80 cm
  • Vehicle load capacity: 300 kg
  • Accessibility: No driving licence required
  • Vehicle-as-a-Service: Cost-effective, worry-free and turnkey solution